Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Twilight in the First Person

Getting the opportunity to visit Lincoln, Carrie and their three boys this past week waas absolutely wonderful! I loved played with Matthew, Scott, and holding little Luke. Don't forget the challenges issued by Lincoln to keep my brain functioning during the dull months of summer. On Friday we packed up the cars and headed up to the Olympic Peninsula by way of ferry. For those who know my love of Stephenie Meyer and her books Twilight, New Moon, and as of yesterday, Eclipse, I had to stop at the main locations Edward and Bella spent time in. So here are my pictures from Forks and La Push. Oddly enough I ran into Bella's truck Monday night back here in Salt Lake. Thanks for being such a great enthusiast with me Carrie!

Attack of August 8th

So this morning I was awoken by the flashing of mom's camera to find my room in ruins (more than it normally is anyway :D) The destructor was none other than the infamous Randi Howell. What a great way to welcome in my 18th birthday! Thanks!