Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I absolutely love the Fall for what it is...

Walking along in the sunshine as I kick up painted leaves

Wearing a jacket to protect from the first bites of cold

Afternoon drives up the canyons to watch the falling leaves

If only Fall did not lead into Winter...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

THE Conversation

Talking with him (who shall remain nameless!) brings out such a grand array of emotions; too many thoughts and feelings to possibly deal with all at once. This discussion had been avoided for so long that I finally could not take it any longer and would not let the topic go until I had the answers I needed. Both he and I did not want to be in that situation, but I felt it would help in the long run; I truly hope and think it has. The answers I received, though not the ones I wanted or hoped for, they are exactly what I needed. Anything else would have made life much more complicated and confusing. Now I feel I can move on (not simply try and act like I have), leave him alone about this awkward topic, and just go back to having a great friend and someone I can talk to about anything. Even though life will never be the same as it once was, no matter what the outcome of this laborious, hour long talk had been, I really am praying that things will not be ruined and life will be just as grand as it ever has been.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Rainy Days

By all accounts, this was not one of the better days of my life. Not to rant, rave, or seek sympathy, I simply find it quite interesting my whole attitude about the current situation. After struggling through today (mainly getting to bed late last night and waking up early this morning, having my wallet stolen, doing quite poorly on a history test, having my +$100 calculator freeze, plus it is continuously raining) I feel I have good reason to not be in the best mood. Oddly enough though, I don't really care! Originally I was excited because I thought someone had been wonderful by returning my purse which I carelessly forgot it in the hall before going to class; that excitement turned into sadness then frustration when I realized my wallet was actually gone (car keys still inside my purse, mind you). I always thought something like having my wallet stolen would be a huge fiasco and all I would worry about is getting the money back. Instead, I have simply thought, what the heck, they can keep the money for all I care! I only ask for my driver's license, temple recommend (I was going to do baptisms again tonight, but that plan was foiled!), and any other forms of identification to be given back to me. Hopefully someone will decide to do the right thing and return it; that would make life purely great. Big thanks to my great friends, I was able to get out of the house and stop moping...I simply ended up falling asleep while with them. Who knew one day at school could be so draining!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Temple Trips

Tonight I had the opportunity of going to the Salt Lake Temple and doing baptisms for the dead with my ward's young women. As we walked around the temple before entering the baptistery (we didn't enter at the correct gate so we took the scenic route :D ) I was awe-struck with its majesty. The granite walls are such a site to behold! Walking closer to the gray walls I felt so small and unimportant in comparison. How the early pioneers were able to design and construct such a beautiful building simply surpasses my understanding. The carving in to the hard stone simply seems impossible to achieve with the technology of their time. Gazing up at the spires and the golden Angel Moroni I realized how blessed I am to have this symbol of my faith and testimony so close to my home. So many people travel for hours, even days to reach the nearest temple while there are eleven in Utah alone! How I could not find more time out of my week to travel the thirty minutes downtown and perform this service, I do not know, but I am determined to do better. Not only will I be able to bless the lives of others, but my own life with be blessed too. Just as the sister at the recommend desk said, "by being here you are on the way to making it to heaven," and in the process, others can join me. How wonderful life is!

Just a quick question, do those who I am baptized and confirmed for know who I am? Also, will I be able to meet them when I die? Any insight would be great to know.