Thursday, September 27, 2007



All these adjectives sum up my experience today pretty well. To say the least, my Food and Culture class has been studying taboos. Needless to say, bugs were a part of that. Normally I like the food provided in that class and will eat it without gagging. Too bad that couldn't be the case today. I ate a bug...

Crickets are yucky.

Crickets are worse than yucky.

And any attempts to flavor crickets fail miserably.

Crickets are HORRIBLE!

Don't eat them!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


With college life upon me I have to deal with everything my classes have to throw at me. My schedule consists of Biology (with a 3 hour lab once a week), Chemistry (3 hour lab once a week and 1 hour recitation once a week), Food and Culture, and Creative Arts. I love all my classes even though there are some very frustrating times which bombard me (particularly Chem Lab-Thankfully today was manageable for once!). But being the fifth week of school I have started to encounter tests in my classes. First was Biology on Friday morning. To say the least, I have never taken a biology class prior to this so I was scared out of my mind! Thursday night before the test I studied for four hours in addition to the hour (at least) I put into studing each day previous. Luckily all that studying paid off and I only missed three questions. To say the least I was very stoked about it. Chemistry gave me a test on Monday morning, but this one I wasn't too worried about. I had taken Chemistry twice before this so I am very confident about my basic chemistry skills. Sadly, I didn't study as much, but it didn't make a difference. I only missed two questions. One I missed was a stupid mistake I made in my conversion factor (2.54 inches are NOT in 1 centimeter!) and the other I simply wasn't sure about. Overall, I am happy with my test scores so far and hope that the success continues. Woot for starting the year out good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


With college started, computers come into play in my life so much more. For a while I thought I could manage by using the computers at the library. Turns out they fill out REALLY fast, and it is only the fourth week of classes. Think about how busy they will be when finals week rolls around. So after finding a great deal, some money was invested and I am now enjoying my new computer. And iPod. Yes, that is right. Katherine X has an iPod nano (lime green, it is totally cool!) and a white Macbook. Everything about it is just so....white. Even though Mom has had Macs for years, finally getting my own is like I have never seen one. I love playing with all the various toys and applications already on here. Including the built in camera, iTunes, everything pretty much. Finally I will be able listen to music wherever and not have to swipe Steph's iPod (named Lily). Now I have Jade to take around with me. (Don't ask about the whole naming things, we are just weird college kids). Life is great. It really is.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Utah State, HEY! Aggies all the way!

So I have officially completely my third week of college life. To state it simply....I LOVE IT! College is so much fun, I can hardly get enough of it. Meredith's stories surpass mine as of now, but I am sure my experiences will expand very rapidly. My classes are exactly what I was looking for: tough, but providing me an opportunity to love. I guess I really am supposed to be heading towards a major in chemistry or biology because both subjects completely fascinate me. In fact, in Biology lab on Thursday I saw an Amoeba! Under microscope! It was crazy! Friends are awesome and we are always finding opportunities to play and have a great time. Do not worry, I am studying dutifully, but I need to incorporate a level of play. I would love mail because I don't think I have ever seen a more barren mailbox ever. Address: 204 Merrill Hall/Logan, UT 84321. Write please? I miss everyone and I love everyone! If you want to hear more of my adventures, just ask or keep checking occasionally. I promise I will blog some of my experiences.