Tuesday, September 25, 2007


With college life upon me I have to deal with everything my classes have to throw at me. My schedule consists of Biology (with a 3 hour lab once a week), Chemistry (3 hour lab once a week and 1 hour recitation once a week), Food and Culture, and Creative Arts. I love all my classes even though there are some very frustrating times which bombard me (particularly Chem Lab-Thankfully today was manageable for once!). But being the fifth week of school I have started to encounter tests in my classes. First was Biology on Friday morning. To say the least, I have never taken a biology class prior to this so I was scared out of my mind! Thursday night before the test I studied for four hours in addition to the hour (at least) I put into studing each day previous. Luckily all that studying paid off and I only missed three questions. To say the least I was very stoked about it. Chemistry gave me a test on Monday morning, but this one I wasn't too worried about. I had taken Chemistry twice before this so I am very confident about my basic chemistry skills. Sadly, I didn't study as much, but it didn't make a difference. I only missed two questions. One I missed was a stupid mistake I made in my conversion factor (2.54 inches are NOT in 1 centimeter!) and the other I simply wasn't sure about. Overall, I am happy with my test scores so far and hope that the success continues. Woot for starting the year out good!


Caroline said...

X you're awesome! I remember taking my first college test, very nerve racking. Good luck!

Lane & Carolyn said...

Far out and very exciting. Sounds like you're adjusting very well. Congrats! Study hard and play hard. (We already know you will.) Love you,