Saturday, January 13, 2007


The past couple days have brought back many of my fond memories. Sports are a big part of my life, playing or watching. Volleyball through Olympus Junior and at the high school until this past year has been such a wonderful learning experience as I worked with my team mates to become better at the game I love. Basketball was another story though. As I attended Sean's ward ball game (with my ward none-the-less) a feeling started coming back to me that had been missing. Then later that night I played in my own ward ball game and the competitiveness of my sophomore year playing basketball engulfed me. Guarding the point, jumping for a steal, making a fast break (but missing the shot!), and all the other memorable aspects of the game made me miss it so much. That winter I was not very dedicated. I told myself the game was everything, making that shot and helping the team out was so important. But if it was as I called it, then why did I quit? I love playing, I love the competition and the aggravation of pushing myself to the limit, sprinting the next quad through my burning lungs so I could be that much faster during the game. As I watched the girls I played with two years ago in their game Friday night (they sadly lost) I was ready to bound onto the court, lace up my shoes and starting shooting all over again.

I guess the whole point of this entry is to help everyone to stick to what they want. I would have loved to keep playing, feel the thrill of a game once more, but I gave up on that dream. I told myself I couldn't do it, that I wouldn't have the time or the energy to make it through another year. Looking back I see that I could have made it, and I wish I had.

Monday, January 01, 2007


This excitement that has over come me completely caught me off guard, yet it has caught me, and caught me soundly. The times when I cannot get a smile off of my face are the ones that make me even more happy; simply the act of trying to not show my teeth raise how excited I am and eventually cause me burst. For so long I believe this moment would not come again for several years. OH how I was wrong! I have never been so glad to be wrong and admit my wrongness in my entire life. When my entire body is shaking from excitement and anticipation, I know something special is going on....if only I knew how it would all turn out in the end! AHHHH!! YAY!

It turns out that I wrote that a couple weeks ago, and I am happy to announce that things have worked out for me and I can't be happier right now. I LIKE HIM!