Monday, January 01, 2007


This excitement that has over come me completely caught me off guard, yet it has caught me, and caught me soundly. The times when I cannot get a smile off of my face are the ones that make me even more happy; simply the act of trying to not show my teeth raise how excited I am and eventually cause me burst. For so long I believe this moment would not come again for several years. OH how I was wrong! I have never been so glad to be wrong and admit my wrongness in my entire life. When my entire body is shaking from excitement and anticipation, I know something special is going on....if only I knew how it would all turn out in the end! AHHHH!! YAY!

It turns out that I wrote that a couple weeks ago, and I am happy to announce that things have worked out for me and I can't be happier right now. I LIKE HIM!


Lincoln, Caroline, Matthew, Scott, and ? said...

Well, well, well... I think Linc & I need to give you a little phone call.

Lane & Carolyn said...

What's this? Is your old Dad out of an important loop? Better call, my lassie....better call!!
Love, Dad