Tuesday, September 18, 2007


With college started, computers come into play in my life so much more. For a while I thought I could manage by using the computers at the library. Turns out they fill out REALLY fast, and it is only the fourth week of classes. Think about how busy they will be when finals week rolls around. So after finding a great deal, some money was invested and I am now enjoying my new computer. And iPod. Yes, that is right. Katherine X has an iPod nano (lime green, it is totally cool!) and a white Macbook. Everything about it is just so....white. Even though Mom has had Macs for years, finally getting my own is like I have never seen one. I love playing with all the various toys and applications already on here. Including the built in camera, iTunes, everything pretty much. Finally I will be able listen to music wherever and not have to swipe Steph's iPod (named Lily). Now I have Jade to take around with me. (Don't ask about the whole naming things, we are just weird college kids). Life is great. It really is.


Lane & Carolyn said...

That is very cool. Jade is a better name than some other green things we can think of...xoxo

Linc, Carrie & Company said...

I love the green iPod Nano. I love the orange one too, congrats on owning your first Mac. It's a big step!

crisco said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ipods. I recommend getting a cover for it otherwise the screen scratches like crazy. I never heard of naming them thoug... =)