Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Temple Trips

Tonight I had the opportunity of going to the Salt Lake Temple and doing baptisms for the dead with my ward's young women. As we walked around the temple before entering the baptistery (we didn't enter at the correct gate so we took the scenic route :D ) I was awe-struck with its majesty. The granite walls are such a site to behold! Walking closer to the gray walls I felt so small and unimportant in comparison. How the early pioneers were able to design and construct such a beautiful building simply surpasses my understanding. The carving in to the hard stone simply seems impossible to achieve with the technology of their time. Gazing up at the spires and the golden Angel Moroni I realized how blessed I am to have this symbol of my faith and testimony so close to my home. So many people travel for hours, even days to reach the nearest temple while there are eleven in Utah alone! How I could not find more time out of my week to travel the thirty minutes downtown and perform this service, I do not know, but I am determined to do better. Not only will I be able to bless the lives of others, but my own life with be blessed too. Just as the sister at the recommend desk said, "by being here you are on the way to making it to heaven," and in the process, others can join me. How wonderful life is!

Just a quick question, do those who I am baptized and confirmed for know who I am? Also, will I be able to meet them when I die? Any insight would be great to know.


crisco said...

That's awesome. I wish i could go more often...actually i've only been once in my life

Mrs. Chanandler Bong said...

I think they do. Since the spirit world is here on earth i think the veil might be lifted for them to know who it is that is helping them. I'm sure they'll give you a huge hug when you cross over =D