Monday, November 12, 2007

The Piano Man

After coming home weekend after weekend, I promised myself (and Meredith, Tyson, Mom...everyone pretty much) that I would stay at school for once. Honestly I was worried that I would have the most boring weekend ever! Around 5 pm on Friday my belief was almost confirmed. Making a bold move, I texted this guy in my ward named KC (more about him to follow...) asking what he was up to. He was likewise bored, but had friends from West Jordan coming up in a while. He came over and the rest of the guys ended up joining us! We played with the "Human Rubber Band," Mafia, Signs, Spoons for a while then decided to get some pizza at FireHouse pizza on the south end of town (11 pm). After stocking up our energy stores, the nine of us grabbed a soccer ball and headed down to the Quad for a exciting, yet freezing cold game of soccer (12:30 am)! We needed goal indicators for one end of the field so Abby and I "volunteered" our blue jackets since no one had anything brighter. Man! It was SO cold! I think I will do that more often as a sort of therapy to get me more used to the ensuing cold. I cannot decide if it is a good thing or not, but I am too competitive and was injured a couple times. Ran straight into a guy and got a carpet burn sort of injury on chin. Then less than ten minutes later, I went to steal the ball-from the same guy- and he accidentally stepped on my ankle so I have another nice scrape there too. Once again we were not tired (2 am) so we turned on Finding Nemo in the 2 1/2 floor lounge. After that we were all pretty beat and most hit the hay (4 am). KC, his friend Andrew, and myself saw the stars above though and decided we needed to go star gazing before it got much colder (as if it is not cold enough already). Eventually, I made it to bed around 6 am. I think I finally know what it is like to be in college. Party, party, party! No sleep, no sleep, no sleep! Party some more!

On Saturday night I went on my first date at USU. Not just any date though, my first date with an RM. His name is KC (Kenneth Christopher) Bell. His apartment is literally right next to mine, putting us in the same ward where he serves as 1st counselor in the Elder's Quorum Presidency. We are also in the same Family Home Evening group (Go Monkeys!) so we get to play at least once a week together. We left for the Olive Garden at 5:30, and were seated, yet had not ordered our food yet. The problem is that the Jon Schmidt and Jake White concert started at 7. Thankfully KC knew our server and was able to pull a couple strings. Our appetizer and main dishes were brought out at the same time, but it was all very enjoyable. There was so much food that we have gotten together a second time to dine since we were so pressed for time. Neither of us finished our food on the second round, so maybe a third is in store. Sweet! Three dates while only paying for one!

We rushed over to the Kent Concert hall and found our seats just a few minutes before Jake White came out on stage. He is a guitarist and has composed a couple songs for EFY CDs. After an hour of his awesome playing including "One Chord Song" and "Memory Lane," Jon Schmidt replaced him and amazed us for another two hours! KC had seen Jon a couple other times in concert and said he never played for that long. We also had the treat of hearing one of his new songs. Saturday night was the first time he had played it in front of a large audience, and even asked for suggestions for the title. For those who know the song "All of Me" he uses his elbows to play again. It was all very entertaining between the head banging in "Dumb Song" and other classic Jon Schmidt compositions.

I am so glad to be making more friends here at school and actually finding things to do to pass the time instead of studying. I mean, c'mon! Who would want to learn at school? ME!! :D


Caroline said...

I can't believe you've gone home so much! Where's the fun in that?! Now is the time! Sieze the day! Stay up until 6 am everyweekend! Can I put anymore exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!

Love you, X!

Lane & Carolyn Howell said...

Being ACTIVE in your college ward will bring you and the ward great blessings. Don't miss out! Love you cute college girl. xoxo

PS Nothing new yet. But if your link to our blog doesn't work try this one:

Maren said...

Now that's how to live life in college! That freakin rocks. If I go up there you'll have to show me how to have fun, I've kind of forgotten being in Germany.

K.C. said...

I'm so glad that you stayed up in Logan last weekend and invited me over to play. This last week has been a total blast and definitely the highlight of the semester!