Sunday, January 10, 2010

18 Months

18 months is a long time so I am hoping it really flies by! My best girl friend Abby Marshall is leaving on Wednesday to serve a mission in Brasilia, Brazil. I am so happy and excited for her to share her testimony with the people she will meet, but I am going to miss her like crazy. Even though we haven't done much together in the last couple months since I was in Logan and she was in Salt Lake, she was always just a phone call away if I needed to talk to her. Now it will be more like a week or two to communicate by snail mail. Thankfully, last night we were able to have one last sleepover which was much needed to make the goodbye somewhat easier on my emotions. She is going to be such a great missionary and I will eagerly await her return and accounts of her wonderful experiences. Here's to you Abby! I love you!


Jami said...

im not going to say its easy. my 2 best friends are on missions- one comes home in a month and the other is half way. it really has gone fast. but i still miss them like crazy.

AllyPally said...

Time will fly... before you know it she will be back in town and you'll probably have a baby on the way! lol. Its wonderful thing! I'm sure your friend will do awesome! So EXCITING!!

Carolyn and Lane said...

You'll be one of her best supporters. Mail is such a boost for any missionary. Glad to see your blog updates...xoxo