Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday: Day of Rest

Yet why was I so incredibly busy today!? I feel like I have been running at a million miles per hour since 7 this morning! First meeting I attended this morning was for my best friend Sean Lund. It was his farewell as he prepares to serve a mission in Sao Paulo, Brasil- Interlagos Mission. (Boys, I need your help learning Portuguese so I can conspire against the girls with the other guys speaking Portuguese!) He reports to the Missionary Training Center in Brasil on May 30th, making it so he flies out on Tuesday. Not only is Sean leaving, but Spencer as well. He departs on this Wednesday (23rd) and is going to the Georgia, Macon mission. I am so excited for these two as well as all of my other boys that will be leaving by the end of the summer. Don't forget about the ones who are already out serving as well, they get my love too! But immediately following Sean's farewell (combined with the farewells of two other missionaries as well!) and a quick open house at his home, I rushed home to make it to my meetings at 1 o'clock. Sadly, I had to miss my Youth Conference planning meeting this morning as well as BYC....whoops...I have failed to mention that I have been set apart as the Laurel class president, my bad! The graduating Laurels were invited to attend Relief Society for the "Newly Grad Game" so the older members could get to know us. Later, in sacrament meeting, I was presented with my Young Women's Recognition medallion so that was pretty exciting. After and hour dinner, I rushed back down to the stake center to attend seminary graduation. Now I actually have a chance to relax, in which Randi and I decided a much needed dessert has been missing from our life for the past several months. A call was made to our favorite father in New York, received a couple tips, and are about to make a batch of TAPIOCA! (neener, neener, neener! :D) But yes, that is my day, restful and relaxing, yet extremely busy at the same time. Only two more weeks of school left, yippee!!

P.S. Prom was last week, and a report will was fun to say the least!


Linc, Carrie & Company said...

Our good friend Mike, from Indianapolis, is from Macon, Ga. That's cool! Sorry your boys are leaving though, that's always rough. Congrats on Seminary Graduation also. Tapioca does sound yummy, hope it turned out well. Can't wait to hear about prom, nice to have you back in the blogging world! X, you're the best.

brian,britni,&dalia said...

hi X! wow! you sure sound busy, but it's good to be busy. helps to keep you going at times! i'm so proud of you, you are such an amazing girl. yeah for seminary graduation! when is high school graduation!? what are your plans for the summer, and have you decided where you are going to go to school this fall!? you have such an exciting part of your life ahead of you, i'm so excited for you. i know that you will make the best of it! i love ya!
luv, britni