Monday, June 18, 2007

Senior Prom

Well I said this would be next, I just never said when. But here are the pictures from my Senior Prom, May 12, 2007.

My dress which I rented from Candlelight Formalwear in Sandy. Only $90 compared to buying it for +$300, which I thought was a great deal! I felt like a mermaid!

Here is mom pinning the boutineer on my date since I didn't want to stab him. His name is Jeff Bowers, a great guy. Plays the saxaphone in Wind Ensemble with me (or did anyway) and went to Valentine's Dance with me as well.

Here are both of us before we headed off to rendezvous with the other couples. Can I just say that guys are absolutely astounding in tuxes....dang!

We went to dinner at the Five Alls, which if I may say, was amazing in every way! Except for being quite expensive, the atmostphere was so great that it inspired us to speak in British accents the entire night, or at least attempt to. The dance was held in one of the conference rooms at Rice Eccles Stadium. I am not normally scared of heights (only falling) but standing next to the floor-to-ceiling window staring out across the valley made me quite dizzy. Overall, this was such a grand night and I am so glad I was able to go with some of my best friends!


brian,britni,&dalia said...

x, you are so pretty, i absolutely LOVE your dress!!

Linc, Carrie & Company said...

Love the dress too, what a pretty color and your hair is fabulous. What a great way to send out the school year. Linc took me to Five All's for Valentine's or something, very yummy. I think I was full for a week after.