Monday, April 05, 2010


Boy, what a day I have had! Last night before bed I was super congested and had a bit of a cough but figured after some medicine and sleep, I would be ready for classes and work in the morning. Was I ever wrong! I woke up this morning much more miserable than the night before. I simply didn't feel like doing anything. So I called in sick to work, took some more medicine and slept the day away. K.C. mentioned I haven't taken a sick day when he's known me and I really haven't! I almost never get sick, especially not this bad! Here's to hoping I'll be feeling better by tomorrow and this nasty bug won't hit me again for a long time, if ever!


AllyPally said...

I'm sorry honey!!! FEEL BETTER!!!

Lane and Carolyn Howell said...

It's a new week. Hope everything looks bright today. Full speed ahead. We look forward to seeing you when the pressure is off. xoxo