Tuesday, October 23, 2007

6 Facts

I have been tagged by Carrie!

1. Peanut M&Ms are my absolute favorite candy! And I normally do not just pop them in my mouth and chew. I have to bite the chocolate off the nut. Then I split the peanut down the middle, bite off the little root bump, then try and split the nut into as many halves as possible. If I do just eat a peanut M&M, realize that is a rare occurence.

2. In my junior year of high school and before I hated writing with pens. Pencils were the way to go because I would mess up and I hated having words scratched out on my papers. Erasers were my best friends. College rolls around and I now hate writing with pencils. They smudge. I only write with pencils if I absolutely have to. Even more odd. I used to only write with black pens in high school. The juicy ones too. College. No black, only blue, and no more juicy! Ball point all the way! I actually have a favorite pen that I take with me everywhere. What I will do when it runs out? Or I lose it like I think I have? Cry probably.

3. Falling is my greatest fear. I am terrified of falling and landing and feeling the pain that comes with landing. I can handle heights just fine, airplanes cause me no discomfort (other than motion sickness). If there is a railing or anything for me to hold on to. But once the thoughts creep in of me tripping and plummeting over the edge, getting paralyzed, or dying, I don't like it anymore. Give me a mountain to climb and I will. Give me a chance to skydive or parachute and you will have push me. Then I will dislike you very much for forever. =D

4. Serving a mission is my life goal right now. I get letters from my missionaries and I love reading their stories about investigators, the area they are in, and the Spirit which is always with them. Almost no one thinks I can stay off marriage for another three years to achieve mission age, but I really want to. Nothing would make me happier than to be out in the world sharing my testimony with others!

5. It is a rare occurence for me to drink soda pop any more. Water, milk, and lemonade are the drinks to have. Hot Chocolate if it is cold (I think it is going to become an even bigger staple in my diet this winter). Grandpa Deano gave me a Sprite before I came back up to school and I drank it with my lunch today. I almost couldn't handle it! The fizz just hurts my stomach now. One little sip of Coke or Dr. Pepper makes me go crazy. It is a good thing water is free. If I was constantly buying soda I would be completely broke!

6. Walking through crunchy falls leaves is my favorite thing to do in the fall. Normally I am depressed as the days start to get colder. Here at school though I love walking to class on mornings when it hasn't rained and kicking up the leaves on the sidewalk. Yesterday all the leaves were blown off the sidewalk and onto the grass. I had to go walk on the grass so I could kick up my leaves. There is just something about wearing a jacket yet still being a little chilled then walking through piles of leaves that is so comforting to me. I think it started when Mom and I visited Lincoln and Carrie in Indiana and we went to a park. I got to walk around in the leaves and I was addicted.

I tag Maren, Marisa, Jessica, Rachelle, Stephanie M, and Abby. Enjoy!


Caroline said...

I love it! I don't see why 3 years is such a long time to wait, I can't be the only girl RM around this fam;) You would be an awesome missionary and a fantastic companion. I love crunchy leaves too, reading your blog makes me miss my college days. Soak it up while you can!

Lane & Carolyn Howell said...

We love learning about your life in Logan: crunching leaves, nibbling M&M's into itty bits, water as a beverage of choice, writing with blue ink...(BTW your blog writing is very good). Happy to hear you are considering a mission. xoxo

crisco said...

Fall in logan is my favorite time. It's just such a beautiful place in fall, with all the trees. I love driving dowin center street and looking at all the trees

brian,britni,&dalia said...

well x, i just have to tell you that i think you are the weirdest peanut m&m's eater that i've ever heard of. it reminds me of reese peanut buttercups slogan, how do you eat your reese's. but it's "how do you eat your peanut m&m's??" you are definatly the winner in my book!

Anonymous said...

he he he yeah for peanut m&ms! i will have to try your way of eating them... it sounds so much more enjoyfull! (lol idk if that is a word or not but it is now! ha ha!)
i HATE pens! i cant stand them! sean told me to write all my letters in pen and my teachers told me to write my essays in pen. but it will be a RARE occurance if you ever catch me DEAD using pens otherwise! yuck! what has college done to you!
you cant be scared to sky dive my dear isnt that how we decided to die? all of us girls? that would pose as a problem for you wouldnt it!?
Yeah for missions! we are going to have to promise to write eachother while we are on our misssions (because i WILL be going on my mission!)
mmm soda....
yeah for cruchy leaves! lets go for a walk in the graveyard! there are so many leaves! and its not as dismal as you may think! its wonerfuL!...

ha ha i bet you cant guess who this was! ma wa ha ha ha its anonymous! koodos and some peanut m&ms if you can figure it out!

Jerry, Erin & Ava said...

I eat my Peanut M&M's almost exactly the same way! Funny. And I ONLY eat Peanut M&M's.

Bryan said...

hi x
i didnt know you were planning on going on a mission, that is awesome like a possum! way to go