Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I do not know exactly what has come over me, but I am in love with my blog page now! I have convinced two of my best friends to either start their own blog on here or start writing more often. Something about this page has hooked me! I spent forever today trying out different colors for the words, backgrounds, links, everything pretty much. I decided to go with a fall color scheme and try and change it as the seasons come and go. And also, I included some of my favorite tunes so you should listen to them instead of just pausing them right away. I like the music and I think you might as well. Also I discoverd that I can record some video with my nifty little iSight camera so maybe I will be able to get more pictures/video of me instead of images I find online. I know you are all dying to see me even though you are all so far away! =D Give me some feedback on this new look. Is it me? Does it not work well? I want to make my blog the coolest page out there! Thanks for the comments! I love you all!


Lane & Carolyn Howell said...

You really DO have the coolest blog ever! Your music is snazzy, the color is very...orangey, and now we will be able to see photos of our favorite X. Thanks! xoxo

Caroline said...

First thing I thought: I love it! Orange really is my color of choice as of late! Look fabulous, totally you!