Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birthday K.C.!

January 23, 1986, Kenneth Christopher Bell was born. In commemoration of that great day, I decided to have some fun...

I picked K.C. up from next door for a date, and chauffeured him around town in his car. We went to Hamilton's Steak and Seafood Restaurant where we had a candle-lit dinner. Sadly, we forgot the camera for this portion of the night, but it was beautiful! K.C. had his first creme brulee, and I'm pretty sure he loved it! All of the food was delicious!

After dinner, we stopped by Deseret Book to look at CTR rings since K.C. was wanting a new one. We did not end up getting one, but there were lots of neat, new designs that we liked.

We came back to the dorm and I had him open his presents one-by-one. I had so much fun shopping for him throughout the week and tormenting him with my many secrets!
While he was at work, I got a little bored and decorated his room. I decided to be nice and hold off on the confetti though. Two of our friends hid in his roommates' closet and jumped out at him. Even though I knew they were there, I was more scared than K.C.!
His friend had sent him the bottom sticker to wear all day. Sadly, people would only ask where he got it instead of reading it. Instead of being ignored even more, I made him another sticker to go with the first.
We played a round of Rummikub as well since it is one of his favorite games and I had not ever played on my own before.
Let's just say I need to practice a bit more...
I eventually got it right though!
Happy Birthday K.C.! I hope you had a fabulous day!


Caroline said...


Lane & Carolyn Howell said...

X, you do know how to throw a party. And your curly hair is so, so curly! Very cute...the two of you together. xoxo

Stepherephanie said...

I'm not sure about that "look" over the game of Rummikub. How could any boy not like you looking like THAT!!!! You're beautiful.

Ben and Camille Garrison said...

KC! It's been forever! Wait, are you married!! You guys are cute together!! It's good to "see" you!