Monday, January 21, 2008

Cuddle Buddy

Since K.C. and I aren't cuddle buddies anymore, I figured I should share a picture of the man I share my nights with! Isn't he just a stud?! ;) For future reference his name is C.J. (Calvin James) And NO, I do not have a thing with least I don't think I do :D He is the bear that K.C. and I created at Build-A-Bear together over Christmas break as part of my gift.


K.C. said...

Ha ha you forgot to mention to everyone that I slobbered all over him when I fell asleep on the way home from Logan. Well I guess everyone will know now! :) And everyone should know that X has a bottle of my cologne that she sprays on him to remind her of me. Aww, how sweet!

Lane & Carolyn Howell said...

Hello X, K.C.'s gift was perfect for you. It's certainly time you had a teddy bear. That's one lucky bear to receive Katie X hugs. Spread them around and come visit New York City. xoxo