Saturday, November 04, 2006


Who would have ever thought that an arrangement of notes and words can have such a grand impact on our lives. Everywhere we go there are rhythms to bounce along with and lyrics to belt out (whether we can sing well or not). It would be impossible to even attempt living for one week without some form of music entering our ears. I can hardly stand being at work for three hours without my CDs to jam out to. With music being such an infinite idea (there is never an end to the arrangement of notes and words that can be made), I am amazed at the ability of musicians and artists to compose CDs in which every song relates perfectly to my life at one moment or another. I urge everyone to really listen to the music that is a part of their life and realize what a major factor it is.

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crisco said...

Music is everywhere... imagine a world not only without music, but without sound. Such a place would be devestating for one who has know the joys of it