Saturday, November 11, 2006


WARNING: I will be discussing plot of the second season for those who do not want to know!

I had always had a determination to never get truly addicted to a television series. But thanks to the convincing of my friends Sean and Abby, I have fallen to the "dark side." Smallville is an intense show to watch. Every book I read and show I watch always seems to apply to major events happening in my life or in the relative history. My mom and I finished the second season tonight and that relation finally dawned on me. So far there has been the trio of Clark, Lana and Chloe attacking whatever comes their way together. I have had that same trio in my life consisting of Sean, Curtis and myself. And what could summarize the life of a highschool student more than drama....drama, drama, drama! For someone who does not have the largest group of friends, I feel that I have experienced my fair share of drama for the rest of my life (too bad I still have college to go!). Clark has the same problem; two girls fighting for his affection when only one of them can win. Just switch that around and that is the story of my life. Curtis and Sean have been my best friends since the beginning of last year. They were always available for me to talk with for hours after school, or the people that actually called me on the weekends. Now is the time to superimpose Clark's life into my own, just switch genders. It seems that as far back as Curtis and I have really known each other, he has had strong feelings for me. The problem residing in the fact that I didn't feel the same. There is Chloe for you, striving to show Clark her feelings toward him but the is blinded by his overwhelming love for Lana, always taken by Whitney (in my situation is was Josh). It wasn't until Clark decided to give Chloe and him a chance that Lana also began falling for Clark. The moment I tried to make things work with Curtis, only to result in me really knowing how I felt, I began suspecting Sean's feelings (which I had never even considered before). As a result of this confusion, I relied more on the support of Sean to get me through the exhausting conversations and confrontations I had with Curtis, thereby launching Sean and I into a relationship over the summer. Every moment it seemed that I attempted to fix things with Curtis, it simply got worse. Finally it got to the point where he wouldn't call, hang out, or have anything to do with the two of us, making me wonder about my situation with Sean. I could go on and on about the similarities between the Smallville Trio and the Olympus High Trio but I will restrain myself. I feel the main purpose of me writing this down is the frustration I have felt since school started. Sean and I couldn't keep going out, which in turn helped things to be on a better friend basis with Curtis. The only problem though is that we can never go back to the wonderful blissful moments of the three of us sitting by the wall in the morning, eating sausage pizza and pink lemonade at lunch, playing frisbee, then standing by the front doors after school. I have lost my two best friends...and I am scared that I will never get them back like I want and need them back. This isn't to say that I don't have best friends right now that I can go to for anything, but I feel that it will never be the same with anyone like it was with those to guys in my life. They really do mean the world to me, and I hope they realize that.

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andrew said...

Your lucky. Being the Lana or the Clhoe in this situation sucks big time.